Get paid for working on QA missions from home

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You work on QA missions

Manual exploratory testing on websites and apps from major companies in various industries.


You will work as a freelancer

You are free to decide how often you would like to work. All missions are displayed on our website and you decide whether you want to apply.

Current missions page

You decide where to work

All you need is a reliable internet connection and at least one device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop).


You are paid as per your results

At the end of each mission, you get the final results of your performance and you will receive payment.

Payment Policy Page

mission timeline


We notice you

If you want to, you can opt in to receive the latest missions straight to your mailbox. You can also find them on your website.

Current missions page

You apply for a mission

We publish missions a few days before they start. If you match the client requirements, we will approve you.


You work on a mission

You scrutinize the client's app and website and you report the bugs if any. By using different devices you increase your chances of discovering new unique bugs.


We review your bug reports

We inform you if something is missing. After each mission, we assess your performance and pay you accordingly.

Payment Policy Page

Why we are different from other
crowdtesting platforms


We don’t consider our testers as replaceable objects and we never will. Our members are superheroes.


We are very selective during recruitment process and mission selection. Time is precious, we don’t want to waste yours.

We value your opinion

For major changes on our platform, we consult our member’s opinions. We entrust our members with the QA of our own website.

We believe in open dialogue

We implemented a Slack channel to allow discussion between members and us. We can chat whenever you want.

We provide performance feedback

We offer various and fulfilling missions. At the end of each one, we send a personal feedback. This is based on your performance and includes advices on how to improve it.

Our member's superpowers

Do you fit our superhero profile?

quality assurance skills

QA experience

Pro QA testers only. We don’t ask for 15 years experience in QA but we are looking for people who have had education, experience or a certification in Quality Assurance.



Our HQ is based in Western Europe. but we are looking for testers from all over the world to match our client requirements. Being able to report bugs proficiently in English is mandatory.


Team spirit

The WE ARE TESTERS spirit. We consider each of our members as part of our team. In exchange, we are looking for people who will be proud to say “I’m part of WE ARE TESTERS”!

Our recruitment process

Step 1: Fill in the form online. We ask for your LinkedIn Profile to check your QA background (education, experience, certification if any).

Step 2: Sit an online exam. We assess your skills in QA.

Step 3: Chat on the phone with us. We will get to know each other and answer any question you have about our platform, our rules and our company.


You asked... We listened

Before we developed this platform, we conducted a survey focusing on QA testers, QA analysts and crowd testers.
Here's what you asked for:

user-friendly platform
easy-to-use tools for reporting bugs
clear rules and payment policy

We’ve been keeping this in mind each day. And we hope our platform reflects this spirit.