Payment Policy

Find out everything you need to know about our payment policy


Get paid for each approved bug or suggestion.

For each mission, the value of the bug is defined in the mission details.

You must report complete bugs only (mandatory fields
+ attachment if relevant).

In case of duplicate reports, only the first complete report will be approved.

The mission manager defines the value of your bugs.
By default, all the bugs are defined as “regular”.

Experimented on WE ARE TESTERS?

After a while on WE ARE TESTERS, we may change your status so you get paid for
the time you spend working on the client's product.

The value of each working hour and the time
you are allowed to spend will be defined in the mission details.

For each mission you will have to declare your time spent.

Key facts about payments

Payment in EUR or CAD

Payment at the end of each mission

Operated by PayPal logo

Summary of payments sent to you during the first quarter of the year

Tips & tricks to (help you) be the best

Keep your device list updated

Check other bug reports before writing yours

Only submit complete bug reports

Search for bugs first: they have a higher value than suggestions