Frequently Asked Questions

Registration - Account

How can I join WE ARE TESTERS?

To join WE ARE TESTERS, you have to fill in the registration form and go through the recruitment process which is composed of :
1) A review of your registration form (including review of your LinkedIn profile)
2) An online exam to assess your skills in QA and your proficiency in English
3) A phone interview to check you understand our offer, to note down some preferences and to answer your questions

I don’t have a LinkedIn profile, can I apply?

It is mandatory to provide a link so we can get to know more about you; your education, past experience and certifications (if any) online. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile but you have one on a similar type of website (ie Viadeo, Xing, etc.), you can provide it instead.

My LinkedIn profile is not in English, do you accept it?

We can read profiles written in the following languages: French, English, Spanish. Unfortunately, for the recruitment process, our multilingual superpowers stop here.

I sent my registration form or my online exam last week but, since then, I have had no news, have I failed?

We receive a lot of applications and online exam submissions every day. As we are reviewing each of them manually, it can take some time to go through all of them. We always tell an applicant the outcome of their application, so, if you haven’t received anything yet, it may be because we haven’t reviewed it yet. (Please also check your junk/spam folder and on Gmail, check all your mailbox tabs - you never know).

Can I update my account details?

As long as you’ve filled in the registration form, you can access your account and edit any information (personal details, preferences, devices, PayPal account etc.)

How can I find my UDID for my iOS device?

Follow these steps to retrieve your UDID:
1) Open iTunes
2) Connect your device to your computer
3) Select it on the top menu
4) Click on "Summary"
5) Click on the serial number to make the UDID appear
6) Copy the UDID number

How can I find my device ID for Android devices?

The easiest way is to download one app dedicated to retrieve it for you. You can download either Device ID by Redphx or Device ID by Evozi.

Can I delete my account?

Yes, just go to your profile settings page and hit the “delete my account” button at the bottom of the page. Please note this is permanent. If you want to join again, you will have to go through the whole recruitment process again.


How can I apply for a mission?

You need to go on Current Mission and click on “Apply now”. Only validated members, who’ve made it passed the phone interview stage can apply for missions.

Where can I find the missions I applied for?

You need to sign into your account and access the “My Mission” page. It contains every single mission you’ve applied for.

I was not selected for a mission, I’m disappointed.

Don’t let that get you down! If you are a WE ARE TESTERS member, it means you are very valuable to us. For each mission, we try and select the most appropriate testers and to have an adequate number of testers working on the same mission. This saves you time and maximizes your revenue. So, turn that frown upside down and apply for another mission!

I’ve applied to a mission but I can’t see the client’s product details. Is that normal?

All the information is provided when relevant. After you have been selected for a mission, you will be able to access the Product information. Then when a mission starts you will gain access to the information regarding the client’s product and the bugtracker.

I have a question regarding a mission or a bug or a customer product, what can I do?

If you’re a validated member, you should have received an invitation to join our Slack Channel. By using this tool, you can ask any questions regarding a mission or any other topics. This is the quickest way for you to get an answer.
If you are not a validated member, please contact us by email at:

I’ve applied for a mission but it turns out I’m not available. Should I tell you?

Yes of course, we will be very grateful if you could tell us in advance. We try to have an adequate number of testers for each mission, by knowing that, we can accept someone else for the mission.

My bug was refused and I don’t understand why, could you explain?

When a mission manager has to refuse a bug (and believe us, we prefer to approve bugs then refuse them), they always provide a reason. On your bug report, you can read the explanation by accessing the “Activity” tab. If you need more information, you can chat with the mission manager on our Slack Channel.

Where do I get the feedback on my performance for a mission?

The mission manager writes the feedback when managing the final results of the mission. To access your feedback, you have to go to the mission page and then click on the “Result” tab.


How much will I get paid?

Firstly, it depends on your position in WE ARE TESTERS; we offer the chance to progress, meaning you can either be paid per bug or for time spent on the mission, depending on your competence. Secondly, it depends on whether we offer per bug or per hour for the mission. In any case, it is always clearly displayed so you can choose whether a mission is right for you.

How do I get my money?

After each mission, you will receive payment directly into your PayPal Account.

Do you only pay in EUR?

When we proceed to payment in PayPal we set the amount in EUR or CAD, depending on the mission origin.

Why do you ask for my PayPal account before I apply for a mission?

The only way we can pay funds is into your PayPal account therefore we need to be sure everything is set up from your end. We authorise payment a few days following the end of each mission, and we want to be sure you’ll have the ability to receive payment after a mission finishes.

I don’t have a PayPal account, what can I do?

You can create one for free. Here’s how:

Do I get a proof of my revenue?

We provide a summary of every mission you’ve worked on and the related revenue annually. It is up to you to declare it to the appropriate legal organisations (if relevant).


How can I contact you?

If you’re a member of WE ARE TESTERS, you can contact us through our Slack Channel. This is the quickest way for you to get an answer to any of your questions. On Slack, you can ask questions publicly or privately to one of our staff. If you haven’t yet received an invitation to join, please contact us by email at

If you are not a member of WE ARE TESTERS yet, please contact us by email at